Successful NISE Lecture about the Canon and national identity.

Last Friday, 10 November, the prestigious Nottebohm room in Antwerp appeared full on an event that attracted historians, academics, researches, people from the cultural and the education sectors and many others.

The 2023 NISE Lecture offered the audience a discussion from an international comparative perspective about the historical canons from The Netherlands, Denmark and Flanders. The three invited speakers: Frits van Oostrom, Susan Legêne and Emmanuel Gerard, explained the respective canons and, moderated by Rolf Falter, entered into a lively and interesting discussion which was followed by an animated Q&A moment engaging the diverse public in the debate.

Click HERE to download the video clip of the full event (if you have problems downloading the file, we suggest you to use the Google Chrome browser).

And the audio of the event available HERE.

Download here the event visual/poster.

This event was organised by NISE, with the support of ADVN and the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library.

Tim van Gerven wins the NISE Award 2023

The price, worth 1000€, was given to Tim van Gerven for his thesis “Scandinavism. Overlapping and Competing Identities in the Nordic World 1770 – 1919”.

His thesis got the unanimous vote of the jury as the best competing thesis for the price.

NISE thanks all the participants for their time and effort!

For more information about the NISE Awards, click here.