Conference 2023: Nationalism and World Fairs

The interaction between national self-proclamation, the commercialization of culture and an emerging entrepreneurial world order: that will be the topic for a conference to be held on 30 May – 1 June 2023, under the auspice of NISE, in Vienna.

Call for Papers

Starting with the London Great Exhibition of 1851, World Fairs have been an important
platform to showcase countries and their economic assets in an increasingly commerce-
driven international world order. As recent studies have demonstrated, the spectacular
display culture of world fairs has served as a platform for national self-proclamations for
empires, including their peripheral provinces and overseas colonies, existing nation-states,
and emerging new, post-colonial countries. Its pavilions mirror changing tastes, moving
between historicist grandeur, fairground arcade, vernacular traditionalism, technological


200-500-word outlines for proposed papers can be submitted to NISE, c/o the coordinator, at Submmission deadline: 31 October 2022


The hosting institution is the Vienna University of Economics and Business, whose landmark modern campus is located adjacent to the famed Prater fairground, site of the 1873 Vienna World Fair.


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