Fruitful NISE – ASEN “Nationalism and Media” international conference

Both ASEN and NISE are happy to report a very fruitful conference held in Antwerp from 5 to 7 April at the premises of the University of Antwerp.

Over 200 participants, more than 150 presentations and loads of academic discussions and networking took place in the three day international conference.

Keynote speakers Michael Skey, Athena Leoussi and Gertjan Willems added an extra value to the conference. Watch their presentations by clicking in the links below:

Michael Skey, 5 April: ‘Ecstatic nationalism and the media: or why nations are not really imagined communities’

Athena Leoussi, 6 April: ‘National in form and national in content: the role of art in the development of national consciousness’

Gertjan Willems, 7 April: ‘Nationalism and film: towards a new research agenda’

6 April- Successful NISE Members’ Council and Lecture with Attila Pók

On 6 April, within the framework of the “Nationalism and Media” international conference, NISE held its annual Members’ Council meeting. NISE Members from all over Europe participated in the meeting where issues related to past activity and the future plans of NISE were discussed.

Prof. Attila Pók

Prior to the Members’ Council meeting, Prof. Attila Pók presented the NISE Lecture: ‘Asset or Liability for Europe? Faces of Hungarian Nationalism’.

The lecture will soon be published as vol. 8 of NISE Essays