As NISE occasionally works together on projects, events and other activities with institutes who’s remit does not correspond to that of the platform, in cases where this occurs on a regular basis, a more structured relation adds qualitatively to the cooperation, without having to resort to membership. This structured relation is called Partnership.

Workshop on archival awareness, organised together with UNPO

Partners have no obligation, financial or otherwise, towards NISE, other than those agreed ad hoc. The partnership can be terminated at any moment. Partners are not involved in policy or management decisions by the platform. They are kept informed of the general evolution of NISE. Partners can, after consultation and agreement by the governing NISE body, take part in all activities, projects, events on an ad hoc basis. The general principles of cooperation are preferably written down in an agreement, to be renewed every three years. Also an annual meeting or (through the social media) consultation moment to evaluate the cooperation is recommended.