Website for the SAC program

NISE’s Structural Archival Care (SAC) program now has a specially dedicated website with lots of general information on how to handle archives of national and regional movements.

The SAC program (and its predecessor The Flying Archivist) has already been used, with the backing of the Coppieters Foundation, by several member parties of the European Free Alliance (EFA).

The program entails archival assistance and consultancy, based on each party’s individual characteristics. Annually a qualified and experienced archivist spends 5 days at a selected party archive, mapping archives (identifying, classifying and storing records); auditing the digital archival care and drawing up a report with conclusions and recommendations; elaborating procedures and guidelines in information management; creating a retention and disposition schedule; presenting the historical archive (website exhibition) etc.

For instance, in 2017 NISE drew up for the Bayernpartei an inventory of the paper archive, posters and photographs and it created, together with the party’s staff members, a general folder structure for the digital documents, files and series.

More generally, an archival manual and helpdesk are at the parties’ disposal. To that avail, and to find more information on SAC, a new website has been created: go to

Is your party interested? You have no idea how to handle your digital documents? You would like some help to put your paper archives in order? Or… you are just curious to know more about the program? Feel free to contact us!