Two new SoN publications

The State of Nationalism (SoN) is proud to announce the publication of two recent articles, on the subjects of social class and collective trauma.

The first contribution – ‘Nationalism and Social Class’ – is by Dr. Dean Kostantaras, from Northwestern State University of Louisiana. This article provides a masterful overview of the linkages between the often used, but difficult to define, concepts of nation and social class. Tracing the literature that explores the role of social class in the dynamics of nations and nationalism from Marx to the present, Kostantaras’ analysis of the main themes in this work shows both the areas of strength and those requiring additional attention.

Karl Marx

The second contribution – ‘Nationalism and Collective Trauma’ – is by Dr. Sevan Beukian, from the University of Alberta. This article explores the intersection of nationalism and memory studies, focussing in particular on the subject of collective trauma and its influence on the formation and maintenance of national identity. Touching upon a number of the related themes in the area, Beukian shows how the literature and field of trauma studies can enhance our understanding of national identity formation, and that it is vital to consider traumatic experiences when studying nationalism.

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These two articles are just the most recent in a growing set of reviews and annotated bibliographies covering the field of nationalism studies. With a number of additional contributions in production, SoN is an invaluable guide for anyone interested in the study of nationalism and beyond.

Both of the articles and their annotated bibliographies can be found at the SoN website: