New SoN review: war and nationalism

A new contribution in the State of Nationalism (SoN) has been published. John Hutchinson (London School of Economics) reviews the historiography on the diverse and complex interrelationships of nationalism and warfare. Though the relevant literature is huge, systematic accounts of these linkages are few.

In his review article, the sixth SoN contribution already, Hutchinson focuses on five main issues: (1) connections between European military revolutions and nation-state formation; (2) the role of war memorialisation in the ‘sacralisation’ of national communities; (3) the impact of total war in the transition from a world of empires to one of nation states; (4) the alleged denationalising effects of contemporary warfare; and (5), finally, the ‘war proneness’ of nationalism.

Both the article and the annotated bibliography can be found at the SoN website: