New SoN contribution available, on Nationalism and Gender

The State of Nationalism is proud to announce the publication of a new article: Nationalism and Gender.

In this new contribution, Dr. Lora Knight (South Virginia University) explores the intersection between the study of nationalism and gender. As Dr. Knight argues forcefully at the outset of the article, applying a gendered lens to understand nationalism is a relatively recent approach in a field long dominated by, and focused on, men. From this position, the article provides a masterful overview of the interdisciplinary literature, touching upon a wide range of topics central to both fields, including, the role of ‘motherhood’ in national discourse, gendered symbols representing the nation, sexualized violence against other ethnic/national groups, and more.

Women’s March on Versailles, s.a., ca.1789. (National Library of France / source: Wikimedia). The drawing depicts the mobilization on 5 October 1789, one of the earliest events of the French Revolution, following the high price and scarcity of bread.

The full text of the article and its annotated bibliography (along with articles on other great topics) can be found here: