Expertise and Information Centre

At the conference in Skopje in 2010, it was agreed that the NISE network of institutes with an archival and/or custodial task related to collections and documents regarding national and regional movements, should facilitate the exchange of knowledge related to the filing of documents and archival collections. Its members should try to realize the means in order to facilitate the exchange of all relevant information related to the material conservation of their archival collections and documents and to exchange information about the conservation of their digital collections. Also, participating institutes should cooperate to realize an online tool that gives access to the archival collections and documents related to regional and national movements in Europe (18th-20th centuries) and preserved in one’s own and other national institutes for research purposes.

NISE has therefore initiated this Expertise and Information Centre (EIC) on its website (currently being updated – and back online soon). Its first items are a manual specially designed for the management of political party archives and a database with information concerning those archives. Both are the result of the project Guide to the Archives of the member parties of the European Free Alliance (EFA).