The online research environment DIANE constitutes the centrepiece of the NISE platform. DIANE stands for Digital Infrastructure for the Analysis of National movements in Europe.

DIANE is a virtual research environment with database functionality and a range of network analysis and visualisation tools that allows data collection, analysis and exhange on national and regional movements in Europe.
DIANE gathers data on these mobilising networks, the people associated with them, the materials they produces, events they organised and meaningful locations. The infrastructure also collects bibliographical references, archival sources and information on research, heritage and archival institutes connected to national and regional movements.

The database environment for DIANE is provided by Nodegoat, a web-based data management, network analysis and visualisation environment, developed by Lab1100.

DIANE is being developed (design, research strategy, work plans) with the help of Lab1100 and at working group meetings in Swansea (Swansea University, 1-3 September 2015), Vienna (University of Vienna, 22-23 September 2015), Antwerp (University of Antwerp, 19-20 November 2015) and Zagreb (University of Zagreb, 21-22 April 2016).

During the NISE Annual Gathering of September 2016, both the online research environment and the public website were presented. Soon, both will be made available for use, while work on a series of pilot projects will continue.