November: NISELecture 5, Antwerp (Belgium)

October 6: Annual meeting with CMC, Antwerp (Belgium)

Autumn: COST project application

Autumn: Publication of SNM 5-2017

Summer: Publication of the proceedings of the Workshop on Building cultural nations. The matica and equivalent intermediary structures in Europe (together with SPIN)

June 2: Members’ meeting

June 2: SNM Editorial Board

June 2: Eighth meeting of the Scientific Council of NISE, Munich (Germany)

June 1: Fourth meeting of the Network of NISE, Munich (Germany)

June 1: Preliminary Scientific Council meeting

June 1: Fifth meeting of the General Assembly of NISE non-profit association, Munich (Germany)

May 31 – June 1: Workshop Nations and Nationalism from the margins, Munich (Germany)

May 31 – June 2: Annual Gathering, Munich (Germany)

April: Prospecting visit Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro

March 31: Attending the CMC Scientific Board, Katowice-Poland

Spring: Publication of SNM 4-2016

February 16: Ninth meeting of the Executive Board of NISE non-profit association, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

January: Publication of SNM 3-2015

January – August: Bibliographical instrument The State of Nationalism – project 3/2