December 18: Eighth issue of NISELetter

November 7: Presentation of NISE at An Foras Feasa seminar, University of Maynooth (Ireland)

September 28: Prospecting Balochi movement, Brussels (Belgium)

September 28: Prospecting UNPO, Brussels (Belgium)

September 27: Submission of application for project  “Alterity, Nation-Building and Conflict” within EU-COST-program

September 21: Attending Seminar World Network for Collective Rights of Peoples, EP, Brussels (Belgium)

September 14: Annual meeting with CMC, Antwerp (Belgium)

August 31: Preparatory meeting Conference 2014, Vilnius (Lithuania)

August 29: Prospecting visit LU Latvijas vēstures institūts, Riga (Latvia)

August 28: Prospecting visit Ajaloo Instituut, Tallinn (Estonia)

August 17: Meeting with prospective partner Lessius University College, Antwerp (Belgium)

July 16: Seventh issue of NISELetter

July 6 & 9: Consulting EFA archives, EFA, Brussels (Belgium)

June 25-26: ICARUS meeting, EU Project WWI, Einsiedeln (Switzerland)

June 15: Presentation of NISE at ODIS public meeting, Liberaal Archief, Ghent (Belgium)

June 14: Publication of Proceedings 2: results of the Guide to the Archives-project

June 6: Meeting with ODIS, Kadoc, Leuven (Belgium)

May 23: Signing of the statutes of the non-profit association, Barcelona (Spain)

May 23: Debate: The historiography of national movements, Barcelona (Spain)

May 23: Fourth meeting of the Scientific Council of NISE, Barcelona (Spain)

May 22-24: Annual Gathering, Barcelona (Spain)

April 24: Prospecting visit British Library, London (United Kingdom)

March 31: Submission of report regarding 3th stage of project for Flemish Ministry of Culture

March 24: Presentation results Guide to the Archives-project at EFA conference, Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

March 23: Presentation of the OJS system to the Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

February 21: Final report Guide to the Archives-project to CMC (+ launch database and manual on website)

February 14-15-16: Workshop Building cultural nations. The matica and equivalent intermediary structures in Europe, Budapest (Hungary)

January 26: Sixth issue of NISELetter

January 16: Meeting of the Executive Committee, Antwerp (Belgium)

January 09: Prospecting Network with CEFF/SFV [spokesperson Erik Laureys], Antwerp (Belgium)


December 23: Presentation NISE at Faronet Project database

November 30: Prospecting visit Lazkaoko Beneditarren Fundazioa, Lazkao (Spain)

November 30: Prospecting visit Ciemen, Barcelona (Spain)

November 29: Prospecting visit Fundació Josep Irla, Barcelona (Spain)

November 29: Prospecting visit Fundación Sancho el Sabio, Gasteiz (Spain)

November 23: Prospecting visit Herder-Institut, Marburg (Germany)

November 22: Presentation of NISE at ICARUS conference, Marburg (Germany)

November 18: Exhibition Portrayal of nationalist conflicts, Antwerp (Belgium)

November 18: Session of Conference Translation and National Images, Antwerp (Belgium)

November 17: Database seminar, Antwerp (Belgium)

November 17: Publication of the proceedings of the first NISE conference

November 4: Lecture at workshop Minorities and New Media, Flensburg (Germany)

October 26: Meeting of the Executive Committee, Leuven (Belgium))

October 3: Meeting of the Executive Committee, Antwerp (Belgium)

September 30: Fifth issue of NISELetter

September 19: Prospecting visit Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS), Sofia (Bulgaria)

September 17: Co-presentation Greek-Macedonian dictionary, Lerin/Florina (Greece)

September 5: Annual meeting with CMC, Antwerp (Belgium)

August 24: Prospecting visit I. Krypiakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Lviv (Ukraine)

August 24: Prospecting visit Associated Members – Ostap Sereda, Lviv (Ukraine)

August 23: Prospecting visit State Archives, Katowice (Poland)

August 23: Prospecting visit Uniwersytet Śląski, Katowice (Poland)

August 24: Prospecting visit Associated Members – Małgorzata Myśliwiec, Katowice (Poland)

May 27: Third meeting of the Scientific Council of NISE, Vienna (Austria)

May 27: Lecture by Alan Sked on ‘Nations and Empires’, Vienna (Austria)

May 26-27: Annual Gathering, Vienna (Austria)

May 23: Submission of application for project  “Building cultural nations. The matica and equivalent intermediary structures in Europe” within ESF-Exploratory Workshop program

May 11: Prospecting visit ADVN, Aabenraa (Denmark)

May 11: Prospecting visit European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), Flensburg (Germany)

May 10: Prospecting visit Dansk Centralbibliotek for Sydslesvig, Flensburg (Germany)

May 10: Prospecting visit Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), Flensburg (Germany)

May 6: Fourth issue of NISELetter

May 4: Database meeting, Leuven (Belgium)

April 14: Prospecting visit An Foras Feasa, Maynooth (Ireland)

April 7: Prospecting visit CRIB, Rennes (France)

April 5: Prospecting visit Institut Culturel de Bretagne (ICB), Vannes (France)

March 16: Meeting of the Executive Committee, Antwerp (Belgium)

February 18-19: Workshop on Choral Societies and Nationalist Mobilization in Nineteenth-Century Europe, Antwerp (Belgium)