NISE offers a number of services to organisations and people involved with national or regional movements: they pertain to record management and archival heritage, information processing and historiographical output.

1 Archival consultancy

  • advice on how to store, conserve, arrange, disclose archives (generally and specifically)
  • actual on-the-spot help with archival management
  • when necessary, developing and executing action plans to salvage archives, a.o. by transferring them to professional safe havens

–> See for the Structural Archival Care (SAC) program:


2 Data management

  • providing an electronic environment to safely, exclusively and methodically store data, texts, illustrations etc. on organisations, individuals, events etc.
  • offering the possibility to link the data with those on other movements for scientific, operational and/or promotional purposes
  • using the contents for research and publications


3 Historiographical cooperation

  • providing an introduction to the specific historiographical methodology for the study of national movements
  • offering the possibility to join existing historiographical projects
  • outlining, submitting to funding authorities and executing joint historiographical projects

Some of these services are free, others can be subject to external funding application. For more information, contact NISE coordinator Luc Boeva at