Studies on National Movements

Studies on National Movements (or SNM), published once a year from 2013 onwards, is the English-language online journal of NISE. Using the Open Journal Systems (OJS), the articles are accessible to all.

The journal wants to further the comparative historiography of national movements and subsequently theory formation of nationalism. It focuses on comparative, transnational and transfer studies, with special attention to non-English language theoretical works and case studies, as well as to heuristic and archival matters. Its scope includes (European) history, political science, sociology, geography, nationalism studies and cultural studies.


SNM‘s recurrent sections are articles, sources and reviews. The section on sources includes bibliographies, archival inventories, databases but also the publication of different kinds of documents. In the review section there is also room for round-table reviews.

All contributions, of which abstracts are published in Wt, are peer-reviewed by an International Advisory Board (IAB) who acts as editorial board. All editorial work is done by the NISE Coordination Centre, with Andreas Stynen as associate editor.

The journal itself, including all details regarding submissions, can be found here.