This series accompanies the work in progress within the NISE platform, reproducing all working papers, material for comparative studies and other texts presented at NISE events (conferences, workshops, seminars etc.).

The following proceedings have been published:

No. 1: Developing the NISE platform. Proceedings of the first NISE Conference. Skopje (Macedonia), 27-28 May 2010

No. 2: The need for and the needs of archives. Guide to the archives of the member parties of the European Free Alliance (EFA).

No. 3:  Choral societies and nationalism in Europe. (together with SPIN)


The following will be published in 2018:

No. 4: The personal and emotional dimension of nationhood in Europe. (together with POHIS) 

Nr. 5: Building cultural nations. The matica and equivalent intermediary structures in Europe. (together with SPIN)