Monographs Series

The publications within the Monographs Series are the result of research performed within the NISE framework and/or by NISE members. The name for the series refers to ‘writing on a single subject’. However, as the connotation for ‘monograph’ is that of primary research and original scholarship presented at length but at the same time the series also caters for a concise presentation of research results, a publication within the series from now on (and retrospectively) falls into one of two sub-categories: Monographs (proper) and Essays.

  • Monographs

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  • Essays

0. L. Boeva, Rien de plus international. Towards a comparative and transnational historiography of national movements, Antwerp, ADVN, 2010. (Monographs Series 0) (a full account of the context, aims and framework of NISE)

1. A.-M. Thiesse, The Transnational Creation of National Arts and Crafts in 19th Century Europe, Antwerp, NISE, 2013. (Monographs Series 1) (on the use made of so-called traditional folk art for the modern formation of nations)

2. J.Th. Leerssen, When was Romantic Nationalism? The onset, the long tail, the banal, Antwerp, NISE, 2014. (Monographs Series 2)

3. M. Hroch, Studying nationalism under changing conditions and regimes. An intellectual autobiography, Antwerp, Peristyle, 2018. (Monographs Series 3)


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